Philosophy of mind is a sub-discipline that has become prominent within the analytic tradition of philosophy. It tends to focus on questions that arise concerning the nature of consciousness and its relation to the understanding of the world presented in physics and more recently with results of research in neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Traditionally questions about the relation between the mind and body, what guarantees personal identity across time and how we can know other minds have played a prominent role.

Topics in the philosophy of mind

Anomalousness of the mind
Cartesian dualism
Descartes arguments for dualism
Distinctive features of the mind
EpiphenomenalismIdentity theory of MindIntentionalityLack of spatial features of the mindMind-body interactionNonreductive PhysicalismOccassionalismParallelismPhenomenality and mindPhenomenological fallacyPhysicalismPrivileged accessSpatiality objectionSubjectivity of the mindSupervenienceReification fallacyTheories of the mind
Bibliography of reformational work relevant to philosophy of mind

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