external image caudill.jpgDavid S Caudill is professor of law at Villanova University. He earned his PhD in Law from University of Houston Law center and a PhD in philosophy for the Free University in Amsterdam.

Select publications
  • "Lacan, Science, and Law: Is the Ethnography of Scientism Psychoanalytic?, "14 Law & Critique 123 (2003).
  • "Law-and-Literature, Literature-and-Science, and Enhancing the Discourse of Law/Science Relations," 27 J. Legal Prof. 1 (2003), available at Lexis; Westlaw.
  • "Scientific Narratives in Law: An Introduction," 14 Law & Literature 253 (2002), available at Lexis; ProQuest; Westlaw.
  • "Law and Science: An Essay on Links and Socio-Natural Hybrids," 51 Syracuse L. Rev. 841 (2001), available at Hein-Online; Lexis; Westlaw."
  • A Calvinist Perspective on Faith in Legal Scholarship," 47 J. Legal Educ. 19 (1997) (Christian Perspectives on Law and Legal Scholarship)
  • Disclosing Tilt: A Partial Defense of Critical Legal Studies and a Comparative Introduction to the Philosophy of the Law-Idea," 72 Iowa L. Rev. 287 (1987)
  • "Law and Worldview: Problems in the Creation-Science Controversy," 3 J.L. & Religion 1 (1985)
  • A Calvinist Perspective on the Place of Faith in Legal Scholarship, in Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought 307 (Michael W. McConnell et al. eds., Yale University Press 2001).
  • Law and Belief: Critical Legal Studies and Philosophy of the Law-Idea, in Christian Perspectives on Legal Thought 109 (Michael W. McConnell et al. eds., Yale University Press 2001).
  • "Two Critiques of Legal Ideology," in Political Theory and Christian Vision 213 (J. Chaplin & P. Marshall eds., University Press of America 1994).
  • Disclosing Tilt: Law, Belief and Criticism (Free University Press 1989).

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