Alan Cameron is senior lecturer in commercial law at the School of Accounting and Commercial Law, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He holds a LLB (Hons) and Master of Laws (LLM) from Victoria University of Wellington. In 1973, during his undergraduate law degree he was awarded first prize in Jurisprudence. His academic specialisation is reformational legal philosophy with a particular interest in the legal philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd. He is the editor of Herman Dooyeweerd, Encyclopedia of the Science of Law Volume 1: Introduction (Mellen Press, Series A, vol 8, 2002) and author of articles and papers on Dooyeweerd's jurisprudence.

Select publications
1995. Coase on law and economics (previously unpublished) [pdf]
1997. Implications of Dooyeweerd's legal philosophy for political theory. Nuances [electronic] 5 (August) Pt 5. (offsite)
1997. 'A Reformational Perspective on Law and Justice', Chapter 13 in Signposts of God's Liberating Kingdom: Perspectives for the 21st Century Vol. 1, 1997(Potchefstroom: IRS.) , pp 189-204
1998. Dooyeweerd's jurisprudential method: legal causality as a case study. ALTA 1998 Conference Proceedings vol 2: 595-634.
1998. Dooyeweerd on law and morality: legal ethics - a test case. Victoria University of Wellington Law Review 28 (1): 263-281. [pdf]
1998. 'Law, justice and ethics'
2000. 'Implications of Dooyeweerd's encyclopedia of legal science' in D F M Strauss and M Botting (ed.) Contemporary Reflections of the Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd (Edwin Mellen, NY, )
2000. Between norm and fact: the jurisprudence of Herman Dooyeweerd.
2004. The Encyclopedia of the Science of Law: a provisional assessment of the Legal Philosophy of Herman Dooyeweerd
2006. 'Integrity as a jural concept'. Journal for Christian Scholarship 42 (Special Issue No.1) 37-48

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