Abraham P Bos (1948- ), born in Baarn, the Netherlands, is the recently retired Professor of Ancient and Patristic Philosophy at the Free University inexternal image G%3A%5CWebsite%5CFellows+Pictures%5CFellows+85-86%5CBos.jpg Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD from the Free University in 1971. He has published widely on Aristotle and Philo of Alexandria.

Select publications
1983. Aristotle on Myth and Philosophy Philosophia Reformata 48: 1-18
1987.Transformation and Deformation in Philosophy Philosophia Reformata 52: 135-138
1987. The Relation between Aristotle's Lost Writings... Philosophia Reformata 52: 24-40
1999. Aristotle's Doctrine of the Instrumental Body of the Soul Philosophia Reformata 64 (1): 37-51
2002. "'Aristotelian' and 'Platonic' Dualism in Hellenistic and Early Christian Philosophy and in Gnosticism." Vigilae Christianae 56 (3): 273-291.
2003. The soul and its instrumental body. A reinterpretation of Aristotle’s philosophy of living nature (Leiden: Brill)