Bob Goudzwaard is part of the third generation of reformational scholars. He was born on March 4th, 1934. From 1951-1957 he studied economics at Rotterdam University. Goudzwaard was actively involved on the front-line of Dutch political life in various capacities and in 1959 he began work as a policy researcher for the Doctor Abraham Kuyper Foundation. This continued until 1965, when he was seconded to the parliamentary wing of the Anti-Revolutionary Party as its research assistant. There followed 4 years in Parliament (1967-1971) as an ARP member of parliament in the Dutch upper house, the Tweede Kamer. As an ARP representative he worked in close association with representatives from other Christian parliamentary parties. He graduated from Rotterdam School of Economics with a PhD for a thesis entitled: Unpriced Scarcity - an investigation of the place of non-priced or uncompensated factors in economic theory and public policy.

An annotated bibliography of Goudzwaard's English language work with links to much of that work is available at the Goudzwaard Pages.