The Association for Refomational Philosophy was originally known as the Association for Calvinist Philosophy (Vereningen voor Calvinistsche Wijsbegeerte) was formed as a result of the interest that the Christian philsophy of D. H. Th. Vollenhoven and Herman Dooyeweerd generated after the publication of Dooyeweerd's Der Wijsbegeerte der Wetsidee (The Philosophy of the Law-Idea, often abbreviated "WdW").

Vollenhoven was the first president of the association, and remained in that office for many years.

The organization's name was changed to Association for Reformational Philosophy (Vereniging voor Reformatorische Wijsbegeerte VRW), as the self-understanding of the group had become clarified as a "reformational-ecumenical" Christian project for a distinctively and transformationally Christian philosophy in dialogue with related projects in the philosophical foundations of the sciences, and concerned with an integrative encyclopedia of the sciences. The VRW maintains a website in Dutch and English, and numbers about 600 members today. A large group of the Association formed a separate organization to initiate the Foundation for External Professorial Chairs for Calvinist Philosophy at state universities (Stichting voor Bijzondere Leerstoelen voor Calvinistische Wijsbegeerte). Today, there are seven such chairs by these professors at the following Dutch universities (in parentheses) as a matter of Dutch national law for universities:

M. de Vries (Delft)
M.J. Verkerk (Eindhoven)
E. Schuurman (Wageningen)
H.G. Geertsema (Groningen, Utrecht)
G. Glas (Leiden)
J. Hoogland (Twente)
R. Kuiper (Rotterdam)